What we Are

What we are ?
Non professional stock ideas generating site.
Trend Up is a unique system developed by the authors of this site for trading the US stock market. The system is based on EOD data and the Buy/Sell recommendations are posted before, after or during regular US Markets trading hours.
On this site we will occasionally post a list of stocks the system views as having Buy conditions, once the trades matures a Sell signal will be posted for the appropriate security.
What we are NOT ?
We are NOT stock brokers, advisory or analysis service and we are NOT in the business of PUMP and DUMP !!!
Trend Up is not affiliated with any of the companies that their stocks are listed.
Trend Up will usually post recommendations to stocks that are having a daily average volume of 1 million shares or more.
Concept change - (as of 12/16/2011)
In order to stay profitable the outlook for gains are at 5% to 10% per trade with a mental stop-loss set usually to 7% per trade.

Trend Up crew and its affiliates might be holding, selling or buying some positions in the recommended securities.
Trend Up bears no responsibility for results to actions made based on the published recommendations.